Coinlancer is a decentralized freelancing product evolved to establish a fair and transparent connection between real and the crypto world with the application of blockchain empowering the next generation development in freelancing industry. Generating such ideas revolutionized by block chain is our expertise. The development of features in coinlancer is so that the application itself is one of its kind in the current market. This application has created a remarkable stand in the space of freelancing attracting enumerable members and so it is majorly the people’s application.

Virtual Arena

In the ever-changing world of technology, the word live streaming has come up with an outstanding idea of creating the world in to a miniature at just a click of a button. Chakravuyha as a tech home of innovative ideas implemented this idea in to reality and showcasing the product to the audience creating multiple sources of revenue generation to the streamers and many other stake holders involved with the platform. This is one of its kind to represent the latest advancement in the technology with the implementation of blockchain which not only creating opportunities but also retaining the transparency of whole product and transactions. The main agenda of this application is to create a greater entertainment point with the earning possibilities.


Now the term feminism has widely spread across continents and so this is a very special ICO for us. The ideas and ideologies that are originated from the eminent women entrepreneurs and others put together to create the process of this ICO. The technical advancements in this project is outrageous and promotes women empowerment.

Identification of exciting and responsible ICO is our motto. This is just our mission to progress along with the development and increased awareness.

Dinar Exchange

Out of all these ICOs and traditional services that we offer we also develop our expertise skill set according to the changing technology standards and update ourselves to the current trends. After the successful ICO completions we now concentrate on the next big thing. The crypto exchange. We are a part of developing environment of the crypto space and created a state-of-the-art digital asset exchange eco system. The new features added to the exchange are extraordinary and hazel free for the users and the admins. This exchange is built so to perform operations that can benefit every user and technological idea behind this will benefit every entrepreneur with the idea of building and exchange. We support the idea with our robust built technology as an API. With all these features involved we do have one the coin forecast feature works with the mathematical algorithm which syncs with the previous data of the coins. Considering this feature our exchange is innovative and unique.